Low Cost Digital Signage Options

More and more businesses are getting into digital signage as a method of marketing and communication. And those businesses that are not already implementing out of home media like this – are considering it.

One of the major factors that can often put people off getting involved in digital signage is the cost and a lack of a clear method of establishing the return on investment.

What is digital signage?

Digital signage is just the use of flat screen televisions such as LCD, plasma or LED taken out of the home for the purposes of advertising, marketing or information. Any type of standard television can be used by most digital signage systems use slightly more expensive commercial grade screens because they last longer and can cope with the lengthier on time.

Ways to reduce cost

That is not to say that standard devices can’t be used for digital signage, they can only they should be located in a location as near as possible to that in which it has been designed for, including temperature, humidity etc.

If standard devices are used then they should be not be left on 24 hours a day otherwise they can overheat. They can however, be housed an LCD enclosure which creates the ideal environment inside the enclosure lengthening he life and durability of the standard LCD or plasma.

Digital poster

Digital posters are another method of reducing costs. These are commercial grade screens that are manufactured solely for digital signage use. These devices are simple to install and are a cost effective introduction into digital out of home.

Outdoor Digital Signage

One of the most expensive forms of digital advertising and marketing is outdoor digital signage. The high cost of outdoor screens is due to having to make these sensitive electronic devices waterproof and able to cope with the fluctuating temperatures of an outdoor environment. Outdoor TVs are therefore highly expensive but an outdoor LCD enclosure is a cost effective solution.

By housing a standard or commercial grade screen inside the enclosure the device is kept dry and at the correct operating temperature range and at a fraction of the cost.

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