Big Screen – Outdoor TVs for any Budget

We are now all used to seeing large screen TVs outside the open. Either for advertising or information – outdoor digital signage has penetrated most high streets and city centres.

And big screen TVs are commonly being installed outside entertainment areas such as pubs, restaurants and bars for viewing sporting events outdoors.

But there are a lot of difficulties in attempting to use a TV in an outdoor location such as ensuring it is protected and readable. It can also be expensive with many of the large sized outdoor screens costing tens of thousands of dollars.

However, it neither needs to be difficult or expensive as there are simpler and more cost effective methods of using a large screen LCD or plasma outdoors.


Protection is perhaps the most fundamental challenging aspect of outdoor digital signage or outdoor big screen TV usage. But is can be easy to ensure the device is kept waterproofed and can handle the cold of the winter and heat of the summer.

A weatherproof LCD enclosure will house and standard or commercial LCD or plasma screen or outdoor use. They can go as large as 70” which is ample size for most big-screen outdoor TV needs.

They also offer physical protection against accidental and deliberate damage as they are mainly constructed from solid steel – important to ensure the device is not damaged. The screen face too is often protected with a shatterproof layer to prevent any damage that way.


Once you have to right protection it is time to decide on the screen to use. As the LCD enclosure will already offer waterproof and outdoor protection there is no need to buy an expensive outdoor or waterproof TV.

This can save a fortune but it is with spending extra on a commercial grade television and preferably one that is high brightness.

Brightness is perhaps the key to ensuring you have decent readability in direct sunlight although compromises can be made using shades, canopies and anti-reflective tints.

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