The Pitfalls of Implementing Outdoor Digital Signage

Just as digital signage has revolutionised advertising in indoor locations; replacing traditional communication methods in all sorts of locations – outdoor digital signage is set to do the same ouside.

Whilst trailing behind regular out of home advertising, outdoor digital signage is still the fastest growing aspect of this new media revolution. However, as with any new application of technology, there are some common mistakes made when implementing digital signage outside for the first time.

Tom minimise the potential for you outdoor digital signage campaign to fail, here are some of the most common mistakes often made:

Insufficient planning

Planning of any marketing campaign is crucial; none more so than with a new media like outdoor digital signage. All aspects of the campaign need to be properly thought out from the location of the signage to the type of content and hardware to be used.

Lack of a clear goal

Whilst generating profit is the key goal for any business, you need to be clear what you want your digital signage to achieve. Is it to drive sales? Strengthen the brand image? Provide useful information? Everything from content to location will hinge on what you want to achieve with the signage so being clear on the outcomes from the start will minimise the risk of your campaign going wrong.

Don’t try to run before you can walk

A common mistake, especially for first time installers of outdoor digital signage is to have grand plans and visions for a complicated network. It’s far best to start simple and build up. Make sure everything is running well before trying to achieve too much.


Often in utilising outdoor digital signage a lot of people place the screens in the wrong place. Most commonly outdoor digital signage screens are placed too high on a wall, or hung from the ceilin. This may save space but often if a screen is too high people will walk under it and not even notice. Eye-level is key when installing outdoor digital signage as is making sure the screen is as visible to as many people as possible.

Content Delivery

A common mistake by people is to not give enough thought to how the cntent is to be delivered. If it is to be delivred over the internet then the outdoor location needs access. Or perhaps the content will be stored in a media player in each individual signage enclosure or, centrally on a network.

Buying expensive waterproof TV systems

Because outdoor digital signage has to cope with the demands and rigours of the weather, it is commonly thought that an outdoor TV system such as a waterproof LCD TV has to be used. And while there they will function perfectly in outdoor locations waterproof TVs are every expensive. A far more cost effective method is to use standard TV devices (the type you will find in any TV lounge or front room) and place them in a waterproof LCD enclosure or other weatherproof digital signage display case.

Using cheap hardware

Whilst LCD enclosures will cost a fraction of what a waterproof TV system costs that is no reason to try and save money on the hardware. You are already making huge savings by using an enclosure instead of a waterproof TV, however, if you scrimp on the enclosure itself it could cost more in maintenance and replacement. Ensure the outdoor LCD enclosure is of good quality and from a reputed manufacturer.

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