Vivid and Visual Communication with Digital Signage

Getting the message across is the most important aspect to out of home advertising. Advertising agencies charge a fortune to come up with memorable slogans and images to help customers sell products on billboards, posters and other outdoor adverts.

But with so much static imagery, slogans and advertisements around our high streets, shopping malls and transport hubs, getting advertisements noticed becomes increasingly more difficult as people become desensitized and only spot adverts that are really noticeable.

Digital signage is vibrant and eye-catching

Digital signage provides a more vivid and eye-catching form of communication than static out of home adverts. Providing moving imagery and bright high definition quality allows digital signage to catch the eye of a modern media savvy audience.


The locations for digital signage are the same for static out of home advertisements. Increasingly digital posters and displays are replacing the static advertisements in a whole host of locations, shopping malls, airports and subway stations are now more likely to have digital signage displays than static posters. Even outdoor locations are slowly becoming digital.

Many of the high street advertising displays are now being replaced with digital versions while even roadside billboards are becoming digital. While outdoor digital signage is lagging behind the indoor sector, it is continuing to grow year-on-year.


The great advantage for advertisers going to digital is not only the eye-catching nature and modern aesthetics of digital signage but the immediacy of the medium too.

Unlike static signage that needs replacing manually, involving employing technicians to take down old adverts and past up new content, digital signage enables scheduled and immediate replacement.


With the falling price of LCD technology and growing use of hardware such as outdoor TV enclosures, digital signage is becoming cheaper all the time. It is not just large-scale advertisers that utilize this new medium, more and more smaller companies and businesses are taking advantage of digital signage.


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