Waterproof Computer Products

Computers are now a ubiquitous tool. No longer just found in offices, bedrooms and studies, they are used in all sorts of locations; from factories to warehouses, hospitals to abattoirs, and schools to clean rooms.

Obviously, not all these locations are as clean, warm and dry as your average office – and many industrial locations are regularly hosed down or cleaned making them precarious areas for devices like PCs, monitors and other computer peripherals.

And in locations like hospitals and clean rooms where infection control is essential these devices have to be cleaned regularly – and washing computers can be fraught with difficulty. It’s not just the electronic devices either, the peripherals like keyboards and mice are virtually impossible to get clean as all the nooks and crannies are ideal places for bacteria cultures to grow.

Fortunately, there are many methods for allowing computers and other IT equipment to not only work in locations where water is used liberally, but there are also specialist devices designed for use in hospitals and clean rooms.

Medical keyboards and washable mouse pointing devices are designed to prevent bacteria from growing. Often manufactured from germ resistant silicone, these devices can be washed without fear of damage.

Computers however, are a different animal and most office PCs can neither be washed down or can provide a barrier against pathogens; however, waterproof computer enclosures are available that can house standard devices, including the monitors, can be used. These house the standard PC but as the enclosure can be washed and hosed down they are an easy way of using computers in wet and wash down locations.

For medical areas, restricted breathing and airtight computer and monitor enclosures do a similar thing – but have the added function of preventing pathogens from getting in, or out, of the enclosure.

Even printers can be protected in wash down environments as waterproof printer enclosures are available that protect the printer (and paper/labels) from hose down, as can touch screens.

And if only monitors are used, waterproof monitor and LCD enclosures are also available allowing standard display devices to be placed almost anywhere.

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