Using Displays in Outdoor and Harsh Environments

The humble monitor, computer display and television have gone through dramatic changes over the last decade or so. The traditional cathode ray tube (CRT) has all but been replaced by the flat panel device – such as the plasma or LCD screen.

These modern displays are more versatile in their use and are no longer just found in TV living rooms or as part of the office computer.  Because of the expansion of the computer industry and the falling cost of modern technologies, these display screens are just as likely to be in a factory controlling some manufacturing process or mounted on a wall as a modern digital sign.

Placing a display device like an LCD or plasma in such locations does pose problems, mainly the effects of the elements that exist on the shop-floor or outdoor environment.

Water, dust, grime, dirt, excessive temperatures, not to mention impacts – are all elements that can disable a shop-floor monitor or outdoor digital signage display.

Keeping these devices free from moisture and dust, whilst restricting the potential damage caused by impacts, is the task that falls to the LCD enclosure.

These display enclosures are used in a variety of environments. Outside, as digital signage enclosures, they protect from the weather and excessive seasonal temperatures. While in indoor locations they enable LCD monitors to be used in even the harshest or grimiest of factory floors.

LCD enclosures have enabled monitors and displays to be taken from the home and office to be used throughout industry, while also helping to encourage the burgeoning outdoor digital signage industry which is a fast growing marketing medium.

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