Digital Signage on the Move

Digital signage is a modern buzzword for the use of electronic screens as an advertising medium. LCD, plasma and LED are all being used as modern digital billboards and there are few places where this new medium is not being implemented.

However, digital signage hass been around for a few years now and while its use is continuing to expand, one of the first areas that really saw the benefit of this out of home digital advertising, was in the transport sector.

Companies that run buses, trains and even taxis, were quick to place digital signage screens inside the vehicles as a way of not only entertaining passengers but also creating extra revenue through advertising.

This combination of advertising and entertainment also allowed the travel companies to install the digital signage system for no cost to themselves as the advertisers would pick up the bill.

But digital signage on the move is not the only place where transport companies are investing in digital signage. Traditional bus stop posters and billboards that generate income for bus companies are also slowly being replaced with outdoor digital signage systems.

These have a huge advantage over traditional methods as the bus company no longer has to employ a signage firm to replace the posters and hoardings. This can be done automatically and remotely.

Furthermore, these outdoor digital signage systems can also be used to display timetable information and when the standard TV device in the LCD enclosure is replaced with a touch screen, the outdoor digital signage allows interactivity, providing passengers with route, timetable and even wayfinding information.

Digital signage has proved really successful in the transportation industry with airports, bus stations and taxi ranks all being littered with these electronic billboards while inside the vehicles the passengers are being entertained and advertised too for very little cost to the transportation company themselves.

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