Using Digital Signage in Hostile Areas

The places that digital signage is being used for now seems endless. No longer are they only to be found in the retail industry but other sectors such as manufacturing and production and even heavy industry are utilising digital signage in harsh environments.

The applications that digital signage is being used for has also increased with digital advertising now just one of a number of applications. Whether it’s displaying important information, production schedules and stock levels, digital signage is now being implemented even in the harshest of factory conditions.

Obviously many of the areas in industry are a lot different to the dry, dust-free environments that many digital signage systems are designed for. Obviously many industrial areas contain hostile elements that can shorten the life of a plasma or LCD screen. However, there are now many factory proof LCD enclosures designed to allow industrial LCD or plasma use.

Often sealed to IP54 or IP65, these industrial LCD enclosures can protect any standard LCD from water, dirt, dust and grease along with the heavy impacts much associated with factory environments.

So good is the protection for these LCD enclosures that they can be used in wash down environments and can even stand direct jet washing making them ideal for food manufacturing areas or hygienic rooms. Even some medical facilities opt to use digital signage enclosed in LCD enclosures as they provide a more hygienic solution than notice boards and paper signs.

Many are also installed outside as the LCD enclosure makes them perfect for outdoor digital signage, protecting the enclosed LCD or plasma from the elements.

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