The Role of LCD Enclosures in Digital Signage

With digital signage now being so prevalent there are few locations where screens haven’t yet been used for either advertising or information. But not every location is suitable for display screens – especially in outside or industrial locations where weather and other elements can damage and disable a screen.

This is where LCD enclosures come in and I would like to take this opportunity to explain a few of the benefits of an LCD enclosure and the possibilities that they allow.

From outdoor locations to industrial areas, LCD enclosures allow the safe use of standard and commercial screens- no matter what the environment it has to operate in is like.

An LCD enclosure can be described as a protective housing for an LCD screen but there are more to them than that.

Not only do LCD enclosures protect the device from rainfall and other liquid splashes they also keep out airborne dust, swarf and other elements that are generated in industrial processes. And don’t think of an LCD enclosure as just a metal box to protect the LCD screen either. Inside each enclosure is a myriad of components, all designed to ensure the environment inside the LCD enclosure is at the optimum for using the LCD display.

Heaters, cooling fans, and even air conditioning are placed into LCD enclosures to ensure the enclosed temperature is at the optimum – regardless of what the ambient temperature is doing. Media players or even small factor PCs can also be housed inside the LCD enclosure to control the content, and as most LCD enclosures are manufactured from mild steel – they offer rugged and durable protection too.

LCD enclosures are used in a whole host of environments and for a whole host of purposes, including:

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