Challenges of Outdoor Displays

Outdoor displays are increasing in popularity due to the benefits of using an LCD screens; in comparison with traditional methods of providing information or marketing, which far outweigh the initial overheads of implementing outdoor screens.

The challenges involved with outdoor digital signage are quite numerous: weather protection, temperature control, coping with direct sunlight and anti-vandalism measures. But these are not the only challenges involved with outdoor digital signage and outdoor displays.


Location is crucial for an outdoor display as it is for any other digital signage. There is no point investing in screens and content if the displays are placed in a location where they are not clearly visible or noticeable. With outdoor displays this can be even more challenging as viewers of a display can be travelling in all manner of fashion: on foot, on buses and in motor cars.

Knowing where the audience is will be is a key part of assessing the location of the outdoor display.


Once the location is assigned, the position of the screen also needs to be worked out. For positioning there are two key areas to think about:

  • Height
  • Angle

Height – The height a screen is placed can make a huge impact on viewership. Too high and it can be unnoticed as people, particularly in outdoor areas, don’t tend to look up as they are walking about.

Floor standing outdoor digital signage screens are mostly utilized in outdoor areas as they allow the screen to be placed at eye-level and are more obtrusive – forcing people to look as they walk around. Of course a free-standing digital signage screen takes up space so is not always practical. However, there are other methods of mounting screens at eye-level – such as pole mounted screens.

Angle of the screen – is another consideration that can improve viewership, particularly if the screen is ceiling mounted. Positing the screen so it faces the oncoming audience will do a lot to ensure they are seen. The angle can also help with the perennial battle of direct sunlight which can be a major factor in affecting screen brightness.

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