32” LCD Enclosures for Cost Effective Outdoor Digital Signage

Outdoor digital signage has become a real boon for many businesses. Raising brand awareness, generating custom and driving customers through the doors are just some of the reasons people choose to invest in outdoor digital signage.

However, installing LCD displays (or LED and plasma) in an outdoor location is not without its problems and costs.

The main problem with outdoor digital signage is ensuring the display is kept protected from the elements. This doesn’t just mean ensuring it is a LCD screen as there are other considerations in outdoor environments.

Temperature and humidity also need to be factored in which is why outdoor digital signage enclosures need to have internal air flow systems and sometimes heaters and air conditioners to ensure the temperature remains constant no matter what the weather.

All this adds cost to an outdoor digital signage campaign which can often be off-putting to those thinking of embarking on such a project, however, there is a cost effective method of placing screens outside for outdoor digital signage.

Standard 32” LCD TVs are incredibly inexpensive now. For a couple of hundred dollars a good quality 32” TV can be easily sourced, and 32” is as ideal size for a screen for home entertainment and digital signage – if only a standard TV could be taken outside.

Well, with a 32” LCD enclosure you can. These outdoor digital signage enclosures house standard televisions and contain all the internal filters and atmospheric controls to ensure the optimum operating conditions inside the enclosure.

Fully waterproof, a 32” LCD enclosure will also protect the LCD screen against attempts at theft or vandalism as they are usually manufacture from robust and solid steel.

By using 32” waterproof LCD enclosures containing a standard 32” TV device – a cost effective and practical solution is available for outdoor digital signage.

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