Body Armour for LCDs – Protecting your Display

LCD and plasmas are now everywhere, not just in our offices and homes but nearly every working environment now seems to have some form of digital signage or LCD, often housed in an LCD enclosure for protection.

Even in heavy industry LCD and plasmas screens are used to display information. Yet an LCD can be a sensitive piece of equipment and often conditions in some industry locations can cause tremendous problems with it.

It would be illegal and unethical to make a human employee operate in hostile conditions without adequate protection or safety equipment but it is very rare that people make the same consideration for their digital signage.

Yet often, the conditions that LCD displays have to work in can cause the device to stop working very quickly: from dust, fluid spills, excessive temperatures (either hot or cold) or bangs and knocks from forklifts or other industrial machinery.

LCD’s of course are very sensitive piece of equipment and designed to run in offices or homes, certainly not industrial locations. Yet millions of LCD do just that because they are housed in an adequate LCD enclosure

Of course specialist LCD’s are available that can endure extremes of hot and cold and withstand being bombarded by dust or water but these can be expensive and there is no choice for the consumer as to the type and quality of the screen.

An LCD enclosure on the other hand can contain any LCd and can be reused time and time again. These devices are also built specifically for outdoor digital signage use or industrial applications.

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