The Future of Screens and Monitors

Computer screens and monitors have been going through somewhat of a revolution in the last few years. While the basic shape for the CRT monitor hadn’t changed for some years, these bulky monitor systems are now on the way out with the next generation of computer screens all being flat LCD or plasmas.

And while touch screens have been used in industrial systems for many years they too have been going through a renaissance with the technology becoming more and more useful thanks to its use in mobile phones and PDA systems.

Monitors are always going to be needed as an output device but their future lies in being flexible and able to adapt to the latest technologies – such as touch screen. With the introduction of Windows 7 and the next generation of operating systems expected to be multi-platform, LCD monitors are perhaps only going to be a stepping stone until all touch screen technologies are implemented on most LCD screens.

However, touch screens have been used in industrial applications for many years as they cut out the need to have separate input (keyboard) and output devices (monitor). The next generation of touch screens are probably going to resemble the flat screen TVs such as LCDs or plasmas.

LCD TVs in industrial applications can be protected from the harmful elements that are present in industrial areas such as dust, dirt, liquids and excessive temperatures by placing them in an LCD enclosure.

LCD enclosures allow the safe use of any sized LCD or plasma TV screen in an industrial surrounding they can also be adapted to accept flat panel touch screen devices and are essential for the safe using of LCD screens and touch screens in hazardous environments.

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