Stainless Steel Industrial Computer Enclosures

Industrial computer enclosures are often used in industrial applications to protect IT equipment from the hazards of dust, water, dirt and grime. Most computer enclosure are produced from brush or powder-coated steel ideal for protection in industrial environments.

However, in some industries, such as food preparation, stainless steel is the only option because of its anti-contamination and anti-bacterial properties.

Stainless steel, despite its name, can stain, tarnish and even rust but its composite (normally 10 percent chromium) does resist corrosion and staining far more so than other metals. Because of this many food industries have to use stainless steel equipment by law to prevent any contamination from corroded metals or build up of bacteria.

Stainless steel is ideal for food production areas as it is almost impervious to water with stainless steel able to be washed down for year without any sign of corrosion developing. For this reason industrial computer enclosures designed for food production are produced out of food grade stainless steel.

These food-grade stainless steel computer cabinets protect a housed PC, printer or computer from the hazards of an industrial area and are manufactured to European IP Rating or USA NEMA codes.

Stainless steel industrial computer enclosures are ideal for food preparation, food processing or food manufacturing areas as the computers housed in these cabinets can be washed down alongside the rest of the equipment in the area.

By using a stainless steel industrial computer cabinet an inexpensive conventional desktop computer can be used to work food processing areas and can be washed down without risk of damaging the computer or causing rust in the enclosure.

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