Snow Survival – Outdoor Digital Signage

The UK is experiencing the harshest winter in decades with temperatures reaching as low as minus 20 centigrade (-4 Fahrenheit) in some parts of the country. And as record numbers of cars breakdown and home plumbing systems fail, it is a busy time for plumbers and mechanics alike.

For those that use outdoor digital signage, the cold weather is causing many screens up and down the country to fail as the unexpected temperatures are proving too much, even for screens that have survived previous winters.

LCD and plasma displays, like other electronics, have a limited operating window, and while many outdoor digital signage systems are designed to endure both hot and cold ambient temperatures, the severity of this winter is beyond many outdoor systems.

Methods of Protecting Outdoor Digital Signage

There are multiple methods of protecting outdoor screens but there is one essential piece of hardware that is required: a digital signage or LCD enclosure.

Whatever type of outdoor TV enclosure is used, there are multiple methods of providing cold weather protection.

Heaters are an obvious solution and can be inserted inside and LCD enclosure and used to keep the ambient temperature from falling below critical levels. These do need to be thermostatically controlled otherwise the screens will overheat when temperatures rise.

The actually outdoor digital signage enclosure can often lead to heat dissipation which is why good quality outdoor enclosures are insulated to prevent the heat escaping; this not only ensures the temperature inside never falls below critical but also saves money on power consumption.

Whatever options are included for the cold weather it is imperative that the enclosed device is also able to operate when the temperatures get higher. In the UK summer temperatures can reach 30 degrees centigrade and in other locations in the world – beyond this. Proper heat transfer and air circulation should, therefore, not be impeded by whatever cold weather systems you deploy.

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