Outdoor Digital Signage – a beginner’s guide

Outdoor advertising is a growing industry. Year on year the sector continues to grow and part of this is down to the emergence of digital out of home (Dooh) displays used for outdoor advertising. While it is now an accepted an increasingly common form of outdoor advertising, outdoor digital signage is still quite a daunting concept to beginners.

Outdoor digital signage has genuine appeal for advertisers. It is an engaging media, able to stand out and attract an audience’s attention far greater than print media, and is also more flexible than the traditional alternatives.

Multiple advertisements can be displayed on an outdoor screen, maximising advertising revenue, whilst uploading of content can be done remotely so there are cost savings in not needing a technician to post-up new adverts.

Content on an outdoor digital signage display can also be scheduled to coincide with a particular time enabling advertisements to be tailored to particular audiences.

There are multiple challenges that have to ne negotiated before you can embark on a digital outdoor signage campaign, and there are several methods of doing so.


The first challenge is to find the right location. This is a vital step and many of the choices you make in buying screens and the type of protective hardware you will require. The desired location should also face an approaching audience, if possible, as outdoor signs on walls go easily unnoticed.

Choosing an area with the highest amount of passers-by will also ensure our get high viewership of the display.

Weather and the Sun

Ensuring an outdoor digital signage screen is protected from the elements is also essential. Simply waterproofing a screen is not enough as the sun can be just as damaging – causing overheating and sun-glare – whilst extreme temperatures will also permanently disable the screens.

Other protection

Physical protection should also be considered especially in un-manned areas. A good steel outdoor digital signage enclosure with some form of shatterproof screen will save a fortune in replacements.


It is common for many outdoor digital signage systems to run the same content that is displayed on indoor screens but this is often not the best course of action. Different colours, transitions and fonts look different in indoor and outdoor areas and any outdoor content should really be generated using those methods that work best outdoors.

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