Sleek and Elegant Digital Signage – Digital Advertising Displays

Most investors of digital signage are aware of the potential benefits that using LCD and plasma screens can offer when it comes to getting a message across. Traditional signage just can’t compete anymore with moving imagery especially when video and sound are combined in the content.

But whilst many digital signage campaigns have attractive content they are often let down by the design of the actual digital signage enclosure itself. Many LCD enclosures can be bulky and reminiscent of industrial hardware, and for some locations such as in outdoor areas this may be fine where protection far out weighs the aesthetics.

However, for many indoor digital signage campaigns, an attractive display can be just as important as the content displayed on it.

Digital advertising displays are one method of ensuing the content is displayed on an attractive, sleek and elegant digital signage system. Furthermore these digital signage displays are an all-in-one digital advertising system as they contain media players that can be easily accessed via USB or a network to instantly upload new content.

These attractive signage displays come in a variety of portrait sizes and look fantastic in almost any environment. They also act as protection for the sensitive electronics and LCD screen enclosed within as they contain air flow systems to ensure adequate cooling.

Digital advertising displays can also be used outdoors as they are often designed to IP66 or NEMA 4 to ensure no rainfall or other moisture can penetrate the enclosure. They are also often fitted with anti-glare glass and even air-curtains which can ensure no hotspots build up on the LCD screen if it is placed in direct sunlight.

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