Types of Protection for Digital Signage

Digital signage is the use of TV systems for out of home advertising. More-often-than not standard commercial televisions are used as many digital signage campaigns are run in indoor locations such as retail units or stores.

However, as more and more people begin to take advantage of this relatively low cost method of advertising, more and more digital signage systems are being taken outdoors or to other areas where they are in need of protection.

Outdoor digital signage is perhaps the fastest growing sector of this new market with perhaps good reason. The potential audience for an outdoor signage campaign is many times greater than the number of people that will walk through a store in a day. For this reason there has been a huge rise in the number of digital screens being erected in outdoor locations.

But commercial plasmas and LCD TVs are designed for use in indoor areas such as living and bedrooms and cannot cope with the outside elements. Waterproof LCD TVs are a solution for many outdoor locations but the high costs of these outdoor TVs is often difficult to justify especially when the return on investment of digital signage is so hard to calculate.

However, outdoor LCD enclosures are manufactured to allow standard commercial TV sets to be used in outdoor locations. The protective cabinet of the LCD enclosure surrounds the TV system and ensures no water or other weather elements permeate the enclosure.

Other types of protection for outdoor digital signage have to be considered too. TV screens are not only vulnerable to direct sunlight which can cause hotspots that can damage the screen but direct sunlight can also make screens difficult to read. Anti-glare glass and coverings for the LCD screen will ensure maximum readability in bright sunlight whilst an air curtain – a flow of air over the screen – will prevent hotspots.

Industrial Digital Signage is another application that requires protection. Industrial areas are even more hostile for the use of plasma and LCDs. Not only do industrial areas often contain water they also contain other liquids, some of which can be corrosive. Dust is also another concern for the safe operation of digital signage in industrial locations as are heavy impacts and extreme temperatures.

Fortunately an LCD enclosure can also protect digital signage systems in industrial areas. Manufactured to NEMA 4 (IP65) they not offer waterproof protection and can prevent all liquids fro permeating the enclosure but they are also act as a dust tight LCD enclosure and containing heating and cooling systems for hot or cold areas as well as being able to withstand heavy impacts.

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