Simple Methods of Approaching Digital Signage

The popularity of using LCD screens in out of home environments doesn’t seem to be waning. Screens are now a common sight in many shopping and retail parks, transportation hubs and even outdoor digital signage along the high street.

However, there are still many people put off embarking in this new medium because of complexities of setting up a digital advertising campaign.

And while setting up a digital signage network is certainly not a simple task, some technical know-how is required; however, there are simple methods to get involved in digital signage that require just a minimum of technical knowledge.

Digital posters

Digital posters are a simple method of digital signage. In reality they are simply LCD screens that can be mounted flat against a wall (hence the name). The content is either uploaded using an SD card or USB flash drive which is a simple solution in comparison to a networked system.

Digital posters are ideal for somebody either embarking on digital advertising for the first time, or for stand alone devices – requiring the minimum of knowledge for successful use.

LCD Enclosures

Outdoor digital signage is always going to be more challenging. A simple digital poster will not survive in an outdoor location. Wind, rain, snow, sleet and hail – not too mention the varying temperatures and possibility of vandalism – could all lead to premature failure of the device.

Outdoor TV systems are notoriously expensive and can be difficult to install; however, a simple solution for outdoor digital signage is to use an outdoor LCD enclosure.

LCD enclosures provide all the protection of an outdoor TV but also ensure the temperature range inside the enclosure is perfect for the running of an LCD device. LCD enclosures are also manufactured from protective steel to ensure they are impervious to attacks by vandals and other outdoor hazards.

However, the best advantage of an LCD enclosure is that it can house almost any standard or commercial screen meaning an outdoor digital signage campaign can be cost effective, practical and simple to achieve.

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