Screach App – Interactivity on any Outdoor Screen

With such rapid growth in the use of outdoor screens, getting your message across is no longer easy. Because of the digital competition, an outdoor screen can easily get lost in the crowd, but one way of ensuring people pay attention to your display, is to make sure it’s interactive.

Various methods of interactivity are available such as touchscreens, but even standard outdoor LCD screens can be used interactively, thanks to a brand new app, available for smartphones.

Screach is a new and unique interactive digital media platform, which allows real-time, two-way interactive experiences between a smartphone and any screen. Using Screach, content developers can build interactive experiences for customers at no cost and in a matter of hours, such as live polling, gaming or quizzes.

Screach is cross-platform and available on most smart phone devices, iPhone and Android, with Blackberry, Symbian and Windows 7 coming in 2011.

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