Protecting Computers in Hostile Environments

Having worked in both an office environment and an industrial shopfloor I am only too aware of the differences in working in the two extremes. Whilst on a shopfloor you can no longer walk around in your best suit and day shoes. Instead workers who are employed in industrial areas have to wear protective clothing to defend against the hostile elements present.

The same is true of electrical equipment such as computers, monitors, printers and other IT devices. Like our day clothes most computers and peripherals are not designed to operate in industrial conditions which contain many elements that can damage and even destroy computer equipment.

Dust is ever present in industrial areas and this can have disastrous consequences on computer equipment. It penetrates a computer enclosure and blocks filters, hard drives and can even short circuit the electronic boards. Dust can also over-insulate a computer causing it to overheat.

Water is another common element in industrial areas, especially food preparation areas where it is used liberally to wash-down surfaces and machines. Any normal computer would instantly fail if any attempt was made to hose it down.

Other elements in industrial areas can damage computer equipment too. Excessive temperatures and heavy impacts are both risk factors in using computers in industrial areas.

Industrial computer enclosures are the ideal solution for protecting computer equipment in industrial areas. An industrial PC enclosure will ensure that dust and water cannot penetrate through the enclosure whilst additional heating and steel manufacture will protect against excessive heat and heavy impacts.

Many industrial PC enclosures are designed to European or National Guidelines such as IP65, IP54, Nema 4.

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