PC Protection for Industrial Applications

Industrial areas such as manufacturing and processing plants, warehouses and factory floors are as much dependent on modern IT systems as are offices.

Printers, monitors, computers, touchscreens and digital signage are all used to control, inform and monitor industrial processes. Unfortunately however, many of the areas this equipment has to work in are not suitable for the sensitive electronics that constitute the modern PC or monitor.

Fortunately protection of electronic devices is covered by European and International directives and issued with relative coding and ratings, describing the amount of protection they offer.

Dustproof enclosures are often rated to IP 54 (European Ingress Protection) or NEMA 4 (USA) and will defend from any dust or dirt permeating into the enclosure and causing blockages, over-insulation or short circuits. Dustproof enclosures are ideal even for areas with relatively low amounts of dust as they will expand the life of the PC many-fold.

In some areas where dust can have even more serious consequences such as causing explosions industrial computer enclosures can be built to European ATEX guidelines.

Waterproof enclosures are also covered by IP and NEMA. An enclosure that can withstand a jet wash or hosedown will have to adhere to IP65. AN IP65 or NEMA 4 x enclosure are ideal for food production areas as they are made from stainless steel and can withstand even the liberal amounts of water used in that industry without fear of corrosion.

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