Preparing an Outdoor Digital Signage Campaign – things to remember

Digital advertising has become a boon for many industrial sectors and business in recent years and as a form of marketing it is relatively cheap (other than the initial outlay) flexible and dynamic.

However, most digital signage deployment in indoor areas is restricted by the people that are visiting the building that it is in. many companies now realise that if they w3ant their out of home advertising to reach a larger audience then it has to be taken outdoors.

Outdoor digital signage can however, be a minefield, and there are certain aspects of it that should be clarified before embarking on any digital outdoor advertising.

The first thing to establish is what goal you are trying to achieve with your outdoor digital signage campaign. Is it to boost sales, raise awareness or drive people into your premises? Whatever the reason you are planning an outdoor digital signage campaign for, it will affect both the content and location. For instance, if you are trying to drive people through the doors of your shop then the digital sign should either point to the direction of the premises or be located to where shoppers will easily find you.

Location is perhaps the most important aspect of planning an outdoor digital signage campaign. Ensuring it is seen; is eye catching and engaging is not just about the type of content that is displayed. Often outdoor digital display is ignored as it in the wrong place; often placed too high or not in a main thoroughfare leading to the outdoor screen being ignored. Ensure the screens are always located at eye-level, in main areas of footfall.

If you don’t own the property outside it is essential that you gain permission to place any digital sign outdoors. In some public areas, permits are required with proper health and safety procedures and risk assessments being conducted to ensure public safety. Another area where permission should always be sought is in using copyrighted content. This can include images, video and music. If music is being used then it possible a public entertainment licence will be required too.

If an Outdoor LCD enclosure is in the open air then it needs to be protected from the weather. Waterproof LCD TV enclosures are simple and cost effective method of doing this as they allow standard devices to be installed inside the enclosure.

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