Keeping Your Digital Signage Protected

Protection for digital signage and advertising systems is often overlooked by keeping the screens protected and running in conditions that are suited for an LCD screen, is important to ensure you maximise the cost of implementing them in the first place.

Implementers of outdoor digital signage often look to securing their digital signage systems from theft and vandalism whilst also preventing rain and other weather elements from damaging the screen, few installers of indoor digital advertising look to the same protection.

But even commercial LCD (and plasma) TV screens are not manufactured with the conditions of a retail park or store in mind as most TVs are designed and built for the home entertainment market.

Digital signage (DS) is not only located in areas that differ to the operating conditions of a front room but DS screens are also left on a lot longer (sometimes 24 hours a day).

Protection for digital signage screens should do several things:
Firstly it should prevent the ingress of any hostile elements. Obviously in outdoor digital signage this means preventing rain water from damaging the screen but with indoor applications whilst the weather may not be a concern other elements maybe.

Dust is commonplace in some areas and too much will block filers and over insulate the digital signage screen. Keeping the dust from screen will go a long way in extending the life of the LCD or plasma TV.

Temperature is another consideration, especially when the DS screen is constantly left on. Ensuring that an adequate air flow is constantly transferring heat away form the screen is important in preventing hotspots from developing. It is also important to prevent any damage caused by direct sunlight which can also burn the screen.

LCD enclosures are a cost effective solution for protecting DS systems in both indoor and outdoor environments as the cooling and insulation that is required can be included inside the LCD enclosure providing the perfect environment for any standard DS screen to operate in.

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