Planning an Outdoor Digital Signage Campaign – Step by Step

Outdoor digital signage has many advantages over other digital advertising. Its greatest benefit is that it is visible, not only to a larger number of passers-by than indoor digital advertising but is also visible to passing cars, bikes, taxis and buses.

But there are many pitfalls to installing an outdoor digital signage system so the entire campaign has to be planned in advance before making any purchases. Here are some simple steps to guide you with your outdoor digital signage campaign.

One of the biggest differences between indoor and outdoor digital signage is that outdoor systems have to cope with the weather. There are three aspects to weather protection:

• Waterproofing
• Climate control
• And protection from the sun

Waterproofing is often dealt with by the LCD enclosure. These house the device and ensure rainfall and other weather elements don’t make their way inside the enclosure and damage the screen.

But waterproofing is not the only requirement for an LCD enclosure. As most outdoor digital signage campaigns operate perennially then the screen has to be able to cope during the height of a summer wave – to the depths of a freezing winter. Climatic controls such as thermostatically controlled heaters and cooling fans are often installed inside LCD enclosure to counter this.

Direct sunlight can also be a problem but can be rectified by the choice of screen:

High Brightness Screen

As with any digital advertising campaign a commercial grade screen is strongly recommended, however, with an outdoor system a high brightness device is a must. Direct and bright sunlight can wash out the colour of a screen and make it virtually unreadable.

A sunlight readable or high brightness screen will ensure the image clarity no matter how bright the sunlight.

Vandalism Protection

Another aspect an LCD enclosure will defend against is vandalism. Steel LCD enclosures allow the digital signage to be left unattended and prevent any damage to the device or screen from occurring from the result of vandals.

Design content tailored for outdoors

The requirement for outdoor digital signage content differs to that of indoor campaigns. Particular colors work better than others outside as do different designs. Try and find a content creator who understands your requirements and has experience producing outdoor digital signage content.

Test, test and test again

Testing is crucial in ensuring the system will operate without hassle. Test everything from the network to the screens and enclosure. Try out content and get third part opinions to it and listen to your partners they may have more experience in being able to tell what works and what doesn’t.

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