Outdoor TV Cabinet – Ideal solution for outdoor TV viewing

There was a time where the only place you would see a TV was in the front room of somebody’s home. Old CRT TVs were just to big and bulky to be used out of the home, except for rare installations in places such as railway stations, however, having an outdoor TV cabinet for entertainment purposes was unheard of.

 Since the rise of LCD and plasma screens, modern TVs have become a common sight out of the home. From shopping malls to airports, transport hubs to even the local pharmacy, TVs are being used as digital signage in all sorts of locations, and more and more people are taking TVs outside to watch TV programming in the open air too.

Pubs, bars and even householders find the use a TV outdoors can bring plenty of rewards. For the leisure industry, having an outdoor TV, especially since the smoking bans, helps retain customers who may otherwise stay at home if there is a big sporting event on. For householders, having a TV outside means you can enjoy the garden and back yard in the summer whilst also not missing your favourite TV programmes.

Of course, standard LCD and plasma screens are not designed for use outdoors, so any outdoor TV system needs adequate protection from the weather and variable temperatures of an outdoor environment.

Outdoor TV cabinets provide just such protection. Designed to accommodate almost any make or model of modern LCD or plasma TV, outdoor TV cabinets come in a variety of sizes, from small, compact enclosures for 24” TVs, to giant-sized 70” cabinets for big screen viewing outdoors.

An outdoor TV cabinet is not merely a waterproof enclosure fr housing TVs, they are far more sophisticated than that. An outdoor TV cabinet not only keep water out, but also fresh air in to keep the screen cool. Outdoor TV cabinets also maintain stable temperatures throughout the seasons, using thermostatically controlled cooling fans and heaters to make sure they can function throughout the colder weather in the winter and the warmer weather in the summer.

Outdoor cabinets are also highly secure. One mounted on a wall or bracket, a lockable outdoor TV cabinet enables peace of mind against theft while also providing protection against impact and vandalism.

Ideal pubs, bars and back yards, outdoor TV cabinets provide a flexible and comprehensive form of protection that enables you to watch your favourite TV programmes and the big sporting events outdoors, in any weather.

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