Outdoor Screens – Use by Industry

More and more LCD, plasma and LED screens are being used in outdoor and there are a myriad of different industries that are now using outdoor screens for many different purposes.


Advertising is one of the leading uses for outdoor screens and outdoor digital signage and advertisers are one of the most prolific implementers of outdoor digital signage. There are great many advantages for using digital displays to advertise, firstly, a digital sign can play multiple advertisements on the same screen, this maximises the revenue each screen can generate with each screen commonly used for several advertisements each changed every few seconds.


Promotion is another key use of outdoor screens and retailers are taking advantage of many of the unique aspects outdoor digital signage provides. One of the key advantages for outdoor screens (in comparison to indoor signage displays) is the large number of people that will view the screen – outdoor locations attract not just passers-by but also those passing on buses, taxis and cars. Another aspect that retailers find advantageous, especially those in the food retail sector, is the ability to schedule information.


Bus and railway stations are another prime user of outdoor digital signage. The flexibility and ability to remotely upload content means they can provide timetable information and relay delays and cancellation in real time. The screens can also have a joint purpose providing advertising in between adverts which gives a stream of revenue.

Emergency and important information

Other, non profit organisations use outdoor digital signage too. Emergency and important information such as warnings of inclement weather, traffic news and other reports can be uploaded instantly and spread across a city’s network. Even law enforcement are finding outdoor digital signage useful as it can be used for locating wanted fugitives, criminals and missing persons.

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