Inexpensive Mass Communication with Outdoor Digital Signage

Getting noticed and spreading your message is as important in the modern digital world as it has always been. The difference today, in comparison with years gone by is the number of ways information can be disseminated. Modern technologies such as the internet and mobile phones have joined the long line of other communication methods such as radio, TV, newspapers and outdoor advertisements.

Whether it’s advertising or some other message you want to get across there is a compromise between advertising costs and reach. The more people and advertisement can reach the higher price you’ll pay for the service. This is why television advertisements cost so much and while new technologies such as the internet as just as widely used, advertising is less effective than for other types of media.

There is, however, a new, modern and inexpensive from of reaching large numbers of people that is an effective yet cheap form of mass communication – outdoor digital signage.

The great advantage of outdoor digital signage is the potential audience it can reach. While screens in shopping malls and retail stores can promote goods to customers, outdoor screens will promote to the wider community, and not just those walking around the area either, but those on buses, taxicabs and in cars can also see the message.

The other advantage of outdoor digital signage is the cost. Once the equipment is paid for and installed there are no other overheads, other than maintenance; however, with the right protection even these costs can be kept to a minimum.

And protection is crucial for outdoor digital signage as any screen operating outdoors has to be waterproof in order to be able to function under the weather. Fortunately, LCD enclosures enable any type of flat screen device, plasma or LCD, to be used outdoors. LCD enclosures not only provide weatherization but also include fans and other climatic systems inside the enclosure to provide the perfect environment for a modern screen.

LCD enclosures are also manufactured from steel to provide secure and rugged protection against impact and vandalism.

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