Outdoor Digital Signage – It can be made easy!

Outdoor digital signage can be real benefit for almost any business. For retail it provides an advertising platform that reaches and audience no other media can match for the price. Whilst as a method of raising awareness, generating brand interest or just providing information – there is no better method than outdoor digital signage.

But it can be a daunting task. There is much to think about and while this isn’t an exhaustive list, it is enough:

And while there are many professional outdoor digital signage specialists out there to give advice and guidance it can still be a difficult task – forcing most people to either abandon the plans or get a third party to take over the outdoor digital signage camapiagn.

But there is an easier method:

With outdoor digital signage there is only three things that need to be decided:

* The location of the screen

* How the content is to be uploaded

* The type of screen required – often dependent on light levels in the location

All the rest of the problems can be dealt with by an outdoor LCD enclosure. An LCD enclosure can take the headache out of placing the screen outdoors because it will not only protect it from the weather but will also:

* Contain the climatic systems to ensure optimum temperature

* Will be resistant to accidental and deliberate damage by impact thanks to steel LCD enclosure

* Screen will be prevented from shattering – diminishing any health and safety issues

* Will be able to house any media player or compact PC used for content delivery.

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