Need a Back Yard TV?

LCD Enclosures are not just a proven solution for outdoor digital signage and using LCDs in industrial and hostile areas. But an LCD enclosure provides the perfect solution for outdoor TV and waterproofing standard LCD TVs.

Sealed to NEMA 4 (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) to ensure no ingress of water or liquids, especially rainfall, LCD enclosures are an ideal solution for using a standard LCD TV in outdoor locations.

Ideal for bars, restaurants, pubs, grill areas, deck and back yards and LCD enclosure is a simple cost effective method of providing outdoor TV entertainment.

And by installing a standard LCD TV in an outdoor LCD enclosure the cost saving compared to investing in a specific outdoor TV is enormous. And by connecting a speaker system and cable box, a complete cost effective and long-lasting outdoor entertainment solution is provided without the heavy outlay of an waterproof TV.

LCD enclosures are also far more durable than specific outdoor TVs. Manufactured from steel with climatic control and shatterproof screens with optional: air conditioning, anti-glare glass and heaters for excessively cold areas, outdoor TV enclosures can house and protect standard TV’s in almost any environment.

LCD enclosures are ideal for providing backyard and patio TV solutions and come in a range of sizes from compact 24” to giant 70” widescreen sizes and can house almost any standard plasma or LCD TV.

And with the forthcoming Soccer World Cup there is no better time to think about an outdoor TV to provide that center piece for a garden, patio, grill area or back yard.

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