Maintenance Costs for Digital Signage

Implementing digital signage can involve some high start-up costs. With the cost of screens, media players, networks and installation, a digital signage project is a serious investment. And if the screens are going outdoors, protection for outdoor digital signage only adds to the cost, but of course, once installed, there are few other expenses, aren’t there?

Inside an LCD enclosure is the optimum environment for a TV

Actually, integrators of signage displays often overlook repair and maintenance, but all installations of displays require regular maintenance and upgrades.

LCD screens, for instance, have a finite shelf life. Even commercial grade screens, which are designed for prolonged running, eventually dim and need replacing, while environmental factors, such as dust, excessive UV light and heat can reduce the lifespan of the TV.

Vandalism and accidental impacts are also a common problem for displays, and with many installations, these outages go undetected until scheduled maintenance takes place. This means that a screen can be out of action for weeks or even months before it’s noticed, wasting the initial investment as the screen is getting no views.

Reducing Costs

Of course, prevention is better than cure and by using a rugged LCD enclosure the risk of vandalism and damage is minimised, but LCD enclosures have even more advantages.

Because of the climatic system inside an LCD enclosure and the protection provided against dust and other environmental factors, the inside of LCD enclosures provides the optimum conditions for running an LCD screen.

As the screen is kept at the optimum, throughout its use, the lifespan of the screen can be lengthened, extending the use of a screen and reducing frequency of replacements.


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