Digital Outdoor Advertising Nationwide in the UK

Outdoor digital signage networks, formerly only seen in London and large cities is now spreading throughout the UK with several big name companies investing in nationwide campaigns.

Two big names, Kraft and Vodaphone, are expanding their digital outdoor advertising campaigns out of London and spreading them throughout the rest to the country.

Meanwhile, the two biggest outdoor advertisers JC Decaux and CBS Outdoor are both investing heavily outside of London.

JC Decaux wish attempting to double their presence in stations and shopping centres this years hoping to treble their digital outdoor business in 2011, while CBS Outdoor are investing in better targeted ads and interactivity, blending advertisements with relevant news and information.

In the UK, the outdoor advertising market is worth £1.4 billion, and out of every £8 spent outdoors, £1 goes on digital – a figure that is expected to grow.

However, despite these huge names and massive networked systems, nearly everybody can get involved with outdoor digital signage, without having to invest huge sums or hire large advertising networks.

Simpler and more affordable solutions are available and are being implemented up and down the country by al sorts of businesses looking to improve their outdoor advertising or increase their branding.

While placing a screen outdoors requires some forethought and specialized equipment, there is no need to spend vast sums on outdoor screens and sophisticated outdoor TVs.

Outdoor TV enclosures are becoming and increasingly popular sight outside retail stores, restaurants and in the front of large businesses, educational institutions and even religious buildings.

Their prevalence is due to their cost effective nature and ability to house conventional LCD screens (or plasmas) and allow their use outdoors. The LCD enclosure provides all the protection needed for an outdoor environment: waterproof, temperature resistant and vandal/theft proof.

They are also quite varied in their availability of sizes with compact LCD enclosure able to hold 20” screens to giant 70” LCD enclosures for when you really wish to get noticed.

With outdoor digital signage continuing to expand using LCD enclosures is a sure-fire way of being able to get involved without the large overheads.

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