Protect Outdoor Screens – Simply and Cheaply

Taking a screen outdoors is now becoming common. Whether it’s a homeowner, wanting to watch the ballgame in the backyard; an advertising company, wanting to advertise with outdoor digital signage; or you need to provide information, such as news, weather or timetabling, using an outdoor screen is an obvious solution.

Outdoor TVs are manufactured to enable their use in almost any weather. Most are built to either European IP65 (Ingress Protection) or American NEMA 4 (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) guidelines which denote their outdoor abilities; however, they are not cheap pieces of equipment with an outdoor screen costing many times that of a similar sized consumer grade TV – or even a commercial grade device.

But there are cheaper alternatives to providing outdoor digital signage or exterior TV viewing that do not compromise on protection:

Using outdoor LCD enclosures is one way of installing an LCD TV (or plasma) outdoors with the high overheads involved in getting a protected outdoor TV. LCD enclosures can accommodate almost any size of LCD display – from small 20” displays to giant sized 70” TVs with the better quality enclosures fitted with industry standard VESA mounting (Video Electronics Standards Association).

LCD enclosures provide all the necessary protection for outdoor environments: waterproof protection, ability to withstand extremes of temperature, and physical protection to prevent vandalism and accidental damage. This and their low cost in comparison to specifically designed outdoor screens – with the price of both the enclosure and standard screen to go in it a fraction of that of an outdoor TV – are the main reasons why the use of LCD enclosures has become so common.

Used for outdoor digital signage, installing TVs in back yards and public information screens, LCD enclosures are a simple and cost effective method of utilising outdoor screens.

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