LCD on the Move – Travelling Digital Signage

The digital out of home (DooH) revolution has changed the way businesses and organisations relay information. And compared to traditional print media, digital signage is far more dynamic and engaging.

In fact, many companies are finding that digital signage is now essential as with so many displays beings used for this purpose, traditional print image is becoming less noticeable especially when it is surrounded by dynamic advertising screens.

But digital signage is not just a static signage medium either as digital signage is often seen on the move!

Buses and trains were the first transportation sectors to take up digital signage and the success of the systems has caused other transportation implementations.

What the bus and train companies discovered early on was that digital signage could be used to both entertain and inform their passengers whilst also delivering advertising messages. This combination of advertising and information provides a great opportunity to employ digital signage and allow the advertising to pay for the install – As this meant the bus and train companies didn’t have to worry about ROI (return on investment).

This model of employment of digital signage has been followed by other industries ad sectors with many waiting rooms in medical sectors now employing digital signage to relay information to patients but the install is paid for by advertising companies who share the content with the surgeries.

However, buses and trains are not the only transportation industries that have found digital signage not only useful but a way of generating extra income through advertising. Taxi cabs have managed to utilise digital signage both inside the cabs and outside!

Not only do many taxis have small digital signage displays inside their cabs but taxi top outdoor digital signage boards are now becoming common. These display advertising content on top of the cab and replace the conventional for hire flag.

The purpose of these taxi top outdoor digital signage is not to relay content when the cabs are driving around as it would be too difficult to see but when cabs are static in ranks or waiting for passengers it provides an ideal opportunity to extend the advertising that already covers many taxi-cabs but it does so in a far more eye-catching, dynamic and engaging a way.

Any external digital signage such as these taxi-top systems obviously need to be protected from the weather which is why dual-sided waterproof LCD enclosures have been developed for such a purpose.

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