When Flexibility Matters: Industrial Computer Enclosures Prevent Production Downtime

Industrial computers have been around almost as long as the office PC automating and computerising industrial processes just as they have done for office tasks. However, office environments are a lot different to industrial areas that often contain many hazardous elements, unfit for an office PC to be used in.

Dust, dirt, grease and the risk of heavy impact are prevalent in many manufacturing and industrial areas and in some industries such as food production water is liberally used just to make the situation even more intolerable for the sensitive electronics inside a computer.

Waterproof PCs and dustproof computers, printers and touchscreens have been available for industrial applications for many years but many manufacturers are reluctant to install them in their production facilities as they lack the flexibility required in keeping a production line running.

What happens if the computer needs repairing, upgrading or replacing? Industrial computers are complicated and often intrinsically sealed to prevent from the elements but this means that any repair or upgrade has to be conducted by a service engineer and depending on his schedule that could result in the production line being down for some time.

Fortunately a more flexible alternative to the industrial computer is the industrial computer enclosure. These industrial PC cabinets are designed to afford the same levels of protection of a dustproof industrial computer or waterproof industrial PC but with the added benefit of being able ot quickly and simply replace any unit enclosed.

As industrial computer enclosures, LCD enclosure or touchscreen enclosures will house a standard device allowing it to be removed, repaired or upgraded simply, quickly and more importantly without the fear of having a production line being out of action for prolonged periods.

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