Water Resistant LCD Enclosures

The LCD enclosure could be argued to be the next step on a revolution in the same way the LCD screen has revolutionised advertising and information. LCD’s have done for digital signage what the printing revolution did for the mass media. It has never been cheaper and easier to implement digital advertising thanks to the plummeting costs and increasing advances in LCD’s. Now the LCD enclosure is allowing the expansion of digital advertising to places where it thought previously impossible for digital signage to be implemented.

Outdoor digital signage is one of the main areas where waterproof protection for LCD has caused such a huge expansion. Thanks to waterproof LCD enclosures, LCD’s (and plasmas) can now be left outdoors without fear of damage caused by the rain.

These outdoor LCD TVs are also often protected from extreme temperatures by utilising cooling fans and heaters inside the LCD TV enclosure itself.

Outdoor LCD enclosures are often built to European IP65 rating. This rating system is often exaggerated as to its inclusion in many suppliers of outdoor digital signage. In fact, the European IP rating is a self-certified system meaning the LCD enclosure offers no real guarantee of protection, even if it is built to IP 65 standards.

The best way to ensure protection of outdoor digital signage is to ensure a manufacturer has experience of housing LCD in hostile conditions.

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