Protection for Digital Signage

Digital signage use has exploded in the last few years thanks mainly to the new flat LCD, plasma and TFT screens that are available. This new technology is relatively cheap too with the cost of an LCD or plasma flat screen now cheaper than the price of ordering sign writer.

LCD and plasma are ideal for the use of digital signage allowing messages and information to be cast to selected audiences and in selected areas. Digital signage is flexible, allowing messages to be changed as your marketing strategy changes to meet economic needs.

The only problems with digital signage us keeping them protected particularly when it is to be used as outdoor digital signage or in hostile areas where dust and water may be prevalent.

Fortunately industrial enclosures designed to protect digital signage are available and can protect LCD and plasmas from almost all types of conditions.

An LCD enclosure that inhibits dust or water ingress is often rated according to European guidelines such as IP65, IP66 or IP54 depending on where they are to be used. Plasma enclosures are also rated in a similar fashion along with the US rating system such as NEMA 4.

Many outdoor digital signage enclosures are also vandal proof and can be secured to any wall or ceiling to prevent thieves making digital outdoor signage or LCD enclosures the perfect solution for modern signage needs.

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