LCD Enclosures – A Fresh Approach to Outdoor Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is changing the shape of marketing by introducing more colourful and engaging imagery which is slowly replacing the traditional methods of advertising used for so many years.

By using flat screen TV devices, moving images can be used to replace the tired static messages used in conventional signage and its not just in indoor locations where digital advertising is creating a more modern and dynamic feel to marketing.

Outdoor digital signage is even more effective than conventional digital advertising because the audience numbers involved are a lot higher than for indoor digital advertising. And with modern waterproof LCD enclosures that house conventional LCD or plasma TVs, embarking on an outdoor digital signage or advertising campaign is not as difficult as you would imagine.

A standard TV, an LCD enclosure and a media playing device connected to the screen to deliver content are all that is required to initiate an outdoor digital signage system.

The LCD enclosure will act as not only a weatherproof barrier protecting the outdoor digital screen from the elements but also will act as protection against any impact or unwanted attention from vandals and thieves.

This simple approach to outdoor digital signage is ideal for those looking to embark on the outdoor digital advertising route but who have concerns about the initial outlay, costs involved or a re worried about leaving valuable electronics attached to an outside wall.

As the outdoor LCD enclosure houses a standard LCD screen there is no large substantial outlay and even for indoor areas, as the LCD enclosure also maintains the ideal condition for a digital display device, especially if there is adequate air flow within the enclosure, the digital screen should last a lot longer than would normally be the case.

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