Industrial Computer – Automation: Improve Production and Reduce Waste

In the current economic climate suggesting that you automate your production lines and spend money on expensive industrial computers may sound like lunacy, especially when you consider the process of industrial PC’s, yet it is during periods of recession when keeping ahead of your competitors can be the only way to survive.

As the first rule of business tells us, you must first speculate to accumulate and while speculation can hurt in the short term it may pay dividends in the long run. Automation in even the smallest shop-floor environment can boost productivity, increase efficiency, reduce waste all of which can increase profits and reduce costs.

Whilst most business leaders would agree minimizing costs and increasing profits is a good thing during the current economic crisis means that investment in IT would be far to costly a project to consider, particularly if specialist industrial computers are bought. Whilst these machines are designed to cope in the dust, dirt and liquids of manufacturing environments they can be prohibitively expensive and while they may pay for themselves the machines are not very flexible and yo9u may find that a fully automated production line may go down if the computer fails or needs repairing or upgrading.

Fortunately a far less expensive and far more flexible and practical approach to industrial computer use is available in the shape of industrial computer enclosures. These computer cabinets are designed to house standard PC or desktop computers. The computer enclosures are designed to the same International guidelines as bespoke industrial computers ( IP54, IP65 or NEMA 4) but are a fraction of the cost – including the enclosed desktop computer) and are far more flexible in that if the machine goes down or needs upgrading it can be done in-house without the need for a service engineer.

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