Industrial Computer Enclosures – Protecting PC’s from Damage

Computers have found their way into almost every part of our daily lives. They are no longer just found in our offices and homes but are also part and parcel of industry, manufacturing and production.

Unfortunately the industrial environment is a lot different to the warm and cosy surrounds of the office of home. Industrial areas contain heavy machinery, forklift trucks and contain high levels of dust and water.

Industrial Computer Enclosures are used by many businesses that require protection for their PC’s. Industrial computer enclosures are often rated according to European and National directives that guarantee protection form fluid and dust penetration but these computer cabinets can also protect computers from impacts.

A swipe from a forklift or a pallet being dropped on top of PC will finish it off immediately. However enclosures will take even the most severe wallop and still survive.

Here are some industrial accidents where a computer cabinet saved the enclosed PC from damage:

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