Five Reasons Why Your Business Needs an Industrial Computer Enclosure

Computers are now found in every aspect of our businesses. PC’s are just as likely to be found on the shop floor controlling production, despatch and stock control as they are in the office printing invoices and dealing with sales.

Computers have even been designed to specially operate in the harsher conditions found in most industrial area their enclosure sealed to protect from the ingress of dirt and water while they are manufactured solid state to help withstand heavy impacts and shocks.

But Industrial computers have their downsides; they are not very flexible to upgrade or repair and when they fail (as invariable all computers do eventually) the loss of production can be crippling if it has to remain offline until an engineer arrives.

However, failing to take adequate protection can be just as bad with the average computer unable to deal with the hostile elements particularly when they include liberal amounts of water and dust.

A better solution for your business could well be an industrial PC enclosure; here are five reasons why your business might need an industrial computer enclosure:

5. High levels of dust can disable a computer in minutes. Even small amounts of dust can build up causing over heating and also clogging mechanical dries. An IP54 industrial computer enclosure is built to international guidelines ensuring that any enclosed PC will not be contaminated with any dust.

4. Water is often liberally used in industrial areas. Industries such as food production require stainless steel instruments that must withstand wash-down or even jet washing. An IP65 industrial computer enclosure will be totally waterproof and be able to withstand constant wash down. Waterproof computer enclosures can also be manufactured out of 316 food grade stainless steel.

3. Flexibility is one of the major selling factors of industrial computer enclosures. It may well be that you already have industrial computers installed on your shopfloor and they may be working well. But what happens if they fail? Will you have to call a service engineer or return the device to the manufacturer? If so, how long will that take and will your production line be down in the meantime. If you answered yes to any of these then you do need an industrial computer enclosure.

2. The cost of replacing IT has never been cheaper but many companies are spending money unnecessarily as their machines could last twice or even three times longer if they are housed in a computer enclosure. An industrial computer enclosure or computer safe will last for decades and can help the enclosed computer last up to three generations longer.

1.Whilst protecting from the elements a computer enclosure or industrial PC cabinet will protect an enclosed computer from heavy impact, vandalism or theft. These are essential if you have IT devices in public or vulnerable areas.

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