Dooh on a Budget – Cost Effective Solutions

Digital out of home (Dooh) is a just a handle for the more commonly known digital signage. This is basically the use of modern flat screen TVs like plasmas or LCDs (liquid crystal displays) used out of the home environment for advertising, branding, information or promotion.

While Dooh is a fast-expanding and burgeoning industry, there are a myriad of different solutions for using display screens as digital signage, and these can vary from highly complicated and sophisticated system that cost many thousands of dollars, to simple more budgetary constrained solutions.

Many advertisers and retailers wishing to embark on digital signage are often put-off by such a wide array of different methods, and costs, so here are some budget solutions, ideal for beginners wanting to embark in the world of Dooh.

Digital Posters

One of simplest methods of digital signage is the digital poster. Digital posters are turn-key solutions that contain everything needed to run advertising content. The digital poster is usually an LCD screen with in-built media player where content can be uploaded using memory sticks or flash drives.

Digital posters are easily mounted on a wall and can even be networked together.

Floor Standing Kiosks

A bulkier but more noticeable version of the digital poster, floor standing digital signage units also contain everything you need to begin digital advertising straight away. These units are more obtrusive than posters, though, requiring floor space and are often used inside retail stores and in shop windows.

LCD Enclosures

By taking a screen outside you can radically increase viewership. However, outdoor locations are not suitable for most digital signage displays such as the digital poster or free-standing display. Any screen placed in an outdoor location needs to be protected from the weather, temperature and against vandalism and theft.

Outdoor LCD enclosures do just this, housing regular LCD displays but keeping the dry, at the right temperature and preventing damage from impact.


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