Digital Signage and Security – protecting your investment

While there are many advantages to digital signage and using screens in out of home environments there are several disadvantages, namely the initial investment for the hardware, and the length of time it may take to get a return on your investment (ROI)

There is much that can be done to maximise the ROI and reduce the timeframe for this return can come back: ensuring the screens are in the best location, using eye-catching content and even taking the screens outside as outdoor digital signage where the audience is higher. However, there are also uncertainties and eventualities that can send you back to square one.

Vandalism and Damage

One area of concern often overlooked by installers of digital signage is the risk of vandalism, theft and accidental damage. While many indoor systems may not suffer such problems it’s a particular concern for outdoor digital signage and screens left in unattended areas.
Display screens can be vulnerable to all sorts of impact, from deliberate attacks by vandals – who may take pleasure in smashing the screen, attempts at theft, or even accidental impacts.

A damaged screen will not only require repair or replacement, which can be costly and reduce the prospect of getting a return on investment but will also prevent the screen from generating revenue when it is out of action.

Protective LCD Enclosures

LCD enclosures are commonly used for outdoor digital signage as they protect standard and commercial screens from the elements. The waterproof and temperature controlled environments also provide excellent protection from impacts, vandalism and theft.

Usually manufactured from mild or stainless steel, and LCD enclosure provides a rugged and tough protective barrier against attack or impact; however, the most vulnerable area of any LCD device is the screen itself.

Toughened screens are a must for any outdoor digital signage or; indeed, any display placed in a public area as you don’t only have to consider protection of the screen, but also you have to consider the effect of smashed glass if the screen does get broken.

Any broken glass could be a hazard which could leave the owner and installer liable if any injuries occur so it is vital the screen is protected by a layer of toughened or safety glass.

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