Digital Signage Flexibility – Day Parting

One of the great advantages of digital signage is its flexibility. Unlike nearly any other commercial advertising method, with digital out of home, outdoor digital signage and other forms of display advertising, content can be scheduled and tailored to meet specific demographics.

This scheduling ability has come from the world of television where it is known as ‘day parting,’ where a day is separated into several different parts. TV advertisers have been doing this for years, knowing that certain viewers, watching particular programming are more suitable for particular products.

Until now, other advertising methods have been unable to do this. A printed poster remains fixed to the wall 24 hours-a-day – no matter who is around. However, with digital signage, advertisers can target specific times of day. At lunchtime, for instance, a digital sign or outdoor digital signage screen can be used to promote lunch menus and restaurants while during the late afternoon when commuters are on their way home – it is an ideal time for showing driving lessons.

This ability to target demographics is useful for all sorts of industries. For retailers busy times of day can be identified and the advertisements tailored specifically to suit; retailers can also target particular areas of a store to ensure the content on a digital signage display will be applicable for the customer.

While, in other industries, identifying demographics can enable advertising to be more targeted and direct. This provides a more effective advertising method than just a broad cast (not broadcast) to anybody that happens to be in the vicinity.

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