Getting the Most from an Outdoor Digital Signage Display

Return on investment (ROI) is a common concern when embarking on digital signage. With higher overheads, outdoor digital signage is even more difficult to assess and ensure a return is made. So, maximising the most out of any outdoor screen is one method of ensuring that you are getting the maximum return on the initial money you put in.

The content is one factor that should be addressed. Quite often stale, dull and unappealing content can be letting down an outdoor advertising campaign, it should also be remembered that what works on an indoor screen may not translate to an outdoor area as effectively (and vice versa).

When it comes to generating interest ensuring you are in the right location is a key part of outdoor advertising and signage. You can have the best offers and well-set out content but if the screen is unnoticeable it will all be wasted.

Often screens are placed in locations for space saving considerations; the thinking goes that people will not want to walk around a floor standing display; however, this is exactly what you want. The more obtrusive the screen is then the more noticeable the outdoor digital signage campaign will be.

If this is not possible and the outdoor screen has to be wall or ceiling mounted you should ensure the angle of the display is tilted toward the eye-level of the approaching audience

Protection is another aspect that should be looked at if you want to ensure you are maximising a return on investment. A damage or dead screen is not only losing money while it is down but the cost of replacement will make the ROI even further away.

While any outdoor screen should be protected from the weather, simply using a waterproof outdoor TV is not enough. Temperatures can vary wildly throughout the seasons and extreme heat of cold will disable most screens. Direct sunlight too can damage a screen, particularly the face if the sun’s rays beam directly to it.

Physical protection should also be considered, especially in unmanned areas. Vandalism is an unfortunate but all too common occurrence and failing to protect against it may mean replacing the screen may become a frequent task.

LCD Enclosures offer all round protection for outdoor digital displays. From all round weather protection, an LCD enclosure provides the optimum environment inside the enclosure where temperatures are kept constant and within operating ranges. The steel housing and shatterproof screen also protect against impacts and attempts at vandalism.

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