Retailers – Take Your Digital Signage Outside

There are few retailers who have yet to experience the benefits of digital signage. Small advertising screens are in all sorts of retail areas from gas stations to point of sale queues at supermarkets; there seems to be few retail establishments that have taken up this new medium.

However, despite the success of this modern advertising medium, many retailers are missing a trick by just having digital signage inside the store.

The thing about digital signage is that it is a passive medium, people don’t tend to look for it but will take in any information when they pass by, and no matter how many people you get coming through the doors to your store, there will be many more just walking past.

By taking digital advertising outdoors you can take advantage of this increase in audience, boosting the number of people that see your digital sign and therefore boosting revenue and sales.

However, before you get too excited and run outside with one of your screens, there are certain aspects to outdoor digital signage that it is important to ensure you are aware of.

Firstly, there is often permission and even planning laws to consider before any digital screen can be erected outdoors. This may not be a concern if you own the land but if you don’t ensure you get the relevant permissions.
Secondly, the location is key for an outdoor campaign. Choose a location with the highest level of traffic and remember that pedestrians, drivers and bus passengers are all potential audiences.

Another aspect of the location to think about is the effects of the sun. Make sure the screen is pointing away from direct sunlight which will not only affect the readability of the screen but also can damage it too. You may wish to consider a sunlight readable screen or some anti-reflective protection if the sun becomes an issue.

And finally, ensuring the digital screen is protected from the elements is vital to ensure the screen doesn’t fail. But that doesn’t just mean that the screen is placed in a waterproof LCD enclosure, there is more to it than that.

Obviously protection from water and the elements is vital but also you must ensure the LCD and media player are operating at the right temperature. Either too hot or too cold can shorten the life of most screens and devices and can also cause instant failure. Vandalism is also a concern that needs to be guarded against.

A good quality LCD enclosure should have the relevant climatic controls installed as well as a waterproof housing that should protect from vandals, thieves and accidental damage.

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