Digital Signage – Exclusivity and Modernity

If you go into an exclusive store, shop or boutique these days, it is more than likely you will come across digital signage screens promoting items or being used for brand awareness.

Indeed in some exclusive stores, digital screens have all but replaced the traditional print media and even outdoor digital signage is being deployed at the frontages to attract custom inside the store.

Exclusive and luxury stores have fallen in love with digital signage as a means of promotion, branding and advertising because of the modernity and contemporary nature of the media. Digital screens look far more attractive than standard print media and as the content is dynamic, with moving images and transitions that provides an engaging experience for customers.

Harrods, the exclusive Knightsbridge store in London, has just recently installed a shop frontage LED digital display, with the stores bosses suggesting that the modernity and dynamic nature of the signage matching the store’s concept of luxury and innovation.

But digital signage is useful for all sorts of retailers and businesses—not just the exclusive end.

Because digital signage does away with the need to paste up posters it reduces marketing costs as you don’t have to pay for printing new display signage. Also, content on a digital signage display can be changed instantly, scheduled and even tailored for specific customers during specific times of day. But most importantly, by installing digital screens in their premises, these retailers elevate their stores with a more exclusive and modern feel, generating new custom from people that may not have wanted to shop there before.

All sorts of retailers have taken advantage of this dynamic nature of digital signage, even low-end stores and those on a budget. Turn-key digital posters are commonly used in these sorts of locations as they provide an out-of-the-box solution for indoor screen use and for outdoor locations, standard screens are often installed in outdoor LCD enclosures which allow almost any standard LCD screen to be securely and reliably installed outside.

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