Digital Signage Content – Do’s and Don’ts

You have your screen, your media player and LCD enclosure, now it’s time to start thinking about content.
Content is one of the biggest challenges in digital signage. The great thing about using LCD screens to advertise and provide information is that with basic PC software and a little time, anyone can generate their own digital signage content.

However, there are many mistakes commonly made by people who generate their own content; and as content is king – it could be limiting the effectiveness of the entire campaign.

Viewing time

One of the most important aspects of generating content for digital advertising is to remember that people don’t view digital signage the same way as they watch television. While TV adverts can comprise of storylines and teasers – this approach won’t work with digital signage.

If your screen is well placed the most you can expect is a couple of seconds of people’s time. So any content has to account for this. Important information should be continually on the screen and images should change regularly to ensure you can attract as many eye’s to the screen as possible.

Orientation and Screen Size

The size of important text information should be at least two inches – no matter what the size of screen. Remember content will shrink on a small screen so ensure that it is generated at a large enough scale – the same is true of portrait orientation.

Outdoor Digital Signage

Many colours, images and styles of generating content don’t works as well in outdoor locations. For outdoor digital signage content needs to be, if anything, even simpler and bolder than for indoor systems – remembering also that whatever time a viewer will spend looking at a screen indoors you can half that with outdoor digital signage.

Testing is crucial

Testing is vital to ensure you are achieving your goals with your content. Whether it is outdoor digital signage or an indoor system you should always test the content to ensure it is being effective.

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