Types of Outdoor Digital Signage Systems

Digital signage is a fantastic way of creating more awareness of products, brands and businesses. Many companies are turning o this new medium as a method of marketing. The advantage of this digital advertising is that once the outlay for the signage system and content are paid for, the system will market a business for no other cost.

No other advertising stream can offer this and as long as there is no rental payment for the location for the signage the advertising message can be relayed to a large passing audience.

Outdoor digital signage is an even better method of advertising as the number of people that can see the message is a lot higher than any indoor system.

Outdoor systems do need to be protected from the weather elements though and this is when the outdoor LCD enclosure is used to ensure that the LCD or plasma system is protected from rain, wind-blown debris and excessive temperatures that can arise in both the winter and summer months.

There are other methods for installing digital outdoor signage too. Digital signage kiosks are often used as information points but they can also be used for digital advertising purposes.

Indoor and outdoor digital signage kiosks can implement touch screen technology to cater for interactive solutions such as maps or restaurant menu boards, they are also versatile in the size of LCD TV they can accommodate from small digital signage kiosks to systems with 70”+ screens fitted.

Both LCD enclosures and digital signage kiosks offer protection from the elements and are quite often built to existing standards such as the European IP rating or the NEMA standard as devised by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association in the US.

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