Digital Billboards – Challenges and Hurdles

The world of outdoor digital signage is a quagmire of obstacles and hurdles and yet it is a small wonder that so many people are still prepared to negotiate the challenges and embark on a digital outdoor campaign.

The reason for this is perhaps due the many advantages that using display screens for outdoor advertising offers. The benefits compared to regular outdoor advertising and even indoor digital signage, are multiple and include:

  • The ability to play multiple advertisements on a single digital screen
  • Content can be uploaded remotely without a technician visiting the site
  • More engaging and eye-catching than standard print media
  • Larger audiences will view an outdoor screen compared with an indoor one

The challenges, however, still have to be overcome and they too are numerous.

Location and the Law

Perhaps the first challenge to face an outdoor digital signage installer is the law, and in particular where and where not a sign can be installed. Increasingly, local authorities are limiting, and in some counties even prohibiting completely, the use of digital billboards, citing potential danger to road users and aesthetics as the main reason. So before any outdoor campaign can begin you need to ensure the local authorities will permit such an install.


Another key challenge in using an outdoor screen is the sun. Sunlight has two effects on the readability of a screen. If it is too bright the screen will be washed out as the LCD or plasma struggles to compete with the sun’s brightness. This has to be countered with a high brightness device or he screen itself has to be shrouded from the sun.

The second problem caused by the sun is sun-glare where the sun reflects of the screen causing a glare that can make the screen unreadable so some sort of anti-glare screen cover has to be used (although this can affect the brightness of the screen).

Weather and temperature

Another major challenge for outdoor screens is protecting it from the weather. Rain is perhaps the most common weather element but the screen needs to be protected from all types of weather and temperatures to ensure that the screen is working in optimum conditions at all times.

Physical Protection

Physical impacts are another challenge four outdoor screens. Whether it is deliberate or accidental, damage can easily occur if the screen is not adequately protected.

An LCD enclosure can protect a screen from all these challenges allowing almost any type of screen to be used in an outdoor location as a digital billboard.

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